Video advertising’s capacity to reach a targeted audience is huge and with the right strategies guarantee a positive return on advertising investments. (Credits: CoWomen, license under Pexels)
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Video Marketing 

The Era of video marketing has officially dominated the business world. It would be a disadvantage for a marketer not to use platforms that promote video ad campaigns.

It is beneficial in reaching new leads and making new sales, but it’s also helpful in growing your target market. Here are the reasons why you should include video marketing in your campaigns:

1. Video is Everywhere

Past years introduced more video platforms. It has overgrown, which has made everybody switch from traditional TV viewing to streaming.

With just one click, everybody can watch videos on mobile phones, computers, and televisions with these technological innovations.

More people are also into content creation, which gives viewers many options on what to watch. Having different alternatives also helps people distinguish the different types of video content.

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With social platforms with millions of videos in them, advertisers have more opportunities to place their ads. (Credits: Kyle Loftus, license under Pexels)

2. Effective Targeting Tool for Brand Awareness

Every business has its target audience, and by using video on their campaigns, they can reach their audiences faster.

There are types of video content that are for business. Some of these are a product demo, tutorial video, or company meets.

These can help businesses introduce their product or service and make their target audience aware of what they do and offer.

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The risk of investing in video ad campaigns is low because videos that convert can be made inexpensively.  (Credits: Monstera, license under Pexels)
The risk of investing in video ad campaigns is low because videos that convert can be made inexpensively.  (Credits: Monstera, license under Pexels)

3. Video conveys more information than Image

Let’s admit it; even a 10-second long video speaks more about the business than a poster or image with a lot of text. 

Video is profoundly adaptable as far as how they can help your business. Video can deliver any message you need. You can guarantee the watcher gets the right amount of information required for them to make a purchasing decision.

The utilization of video in campaigns is growing since it gets 20% more clicks than image ads. Not only that, when viewers reach the website, they spend 5x longer looking at videos than a static image.

4. Video Advertising is an Advantage

Video advertising is a massive opportunity due to the availability of digital platforms and the time people spend each day on these platforms. 

The misconception of video ads being expensive is not true. There are tools available that provide outstanding service in making video ads for a lower price. And there are lots of ways to create a quality video that is inexpensive but still entertaining.

Include Tubesift in your video campaign strategy

The business competition revolves around having high sales, using available platforms, and marketing skills to get a return on ad spend. Using effective and promising marketing strategies and tools is one way to stay on top of the game.

TubeSift, a precision targeting tool for Youtube Ads, is one tool that can deliver outstanding results. Easily search for monetized videos and place the ads where your target audience is watching their favorite YouTube content.  

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