Brady Snow explains how to come up with YouTube Ad Ideas using Video Ad Vault.
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Find the secret for your YouTube Ads

Brady Snow: If you’re stuck coming up with ideas for your YouTube ads, look no further, we got you covered. Today we’re going to show you a secret hack that you can use to come up with unlimited angles and ideas for your ads that are going to not only give you those ideas and get you a finalized script but actually get you conversions as well, because you’re going to know what ads are currently working on YouTube so that you can create ads that are similar or ones that are going to do even better than that. It all comes down to the intel. So let’s go ahead and dive in. I’m going to show you this secret hack.

Brady Snow: So I’m Brady Snow. I’m the director of content at TubeSift, where we help you with precision targeting for your YouTube ads, competitive intelligence, and personalized coaching for your YouTube ad campaigns. We got you covered with everything about YouTube ads. So today I want to talk about why it’s so important to study what other ads are working on YouTube right now because if you do that, you’re going to know what’s working, you’re going to know what angles and styles of ads people are using. And then if you do that, if you’re feeling stuck coming up with an idea for your own ad, you can just replicate something that’s working, and take that formula, that strategy, and then you plug in your own content, your own messaging, in order to deliver that finalized ad and then you’re going to serve that to your audience and with the right targeting, getting it in front of the right customer, you’re going to be able to hit home runs and increase your leads in sales all year round.

Brady Snow: One way you can see what ads are out there is you can try to find something in your niche. I’m going to do snowboarding here. You know, these are just the videos that come up, but you can click these and see if there are any ads that pop up. Nope. That one did not have an ad pop up. Likely this is going to be an ad for snowboarding. You would hope. Also, not an ad for snowboarding. So you see how this is a manual process. You got to go around and wait until you get an ad. Here’s one, but it’s not snowboarding. Liberty mutual. You know, that’s three videos I’ve clicked on already and still haven’t seen a snowboard ad. So clearly this is not the best way to do that. You’re going to need a deeper-level competitive intelligence tool that’s going to help you find the ads that are running on YouTube today.

Study the ads in your niche

Brady Snow: So one way you can do that is you can get Video Ad Vault and we actually have free trials. You can try it for a week so that you can see what is available but we have a link to that below in the description. But if you log in, once you get your trial set up, or maybe you want to become a member, you can go in and click search ads. So you can filter by all these different options here. I’m going to do a description because I want it to be about snowboarding. So I’m just going to see what ads are running in the snowboarding niche. So here’s a list of all the ads that are running that are related to snowboarding. You know, sometimes you might get a few like here’s some that’s about summer boarding, this is skateboarding.

Brady Snow: You know, if you’re doing a snowboard ad, that’s a really similar sport and product. So you could also just check out this ad and see how they structure it. It doesn’t have to be a snowboard ad. So it’s showing someone riding and the pump-up music. It’s showing the product in action. And then they go into an interview, looks like an unboxing video. So we got like a narrator influencer. He starts to open the product, talks about it, so yeah, that’s one thing that’s running, but let’s see if we find an actual snowboarding one here. This one has 77,000 views, it ran the United States and it looks like it’s a step in and ride. I bet this is a binding ad. I’m going to click play that I can watch this ad here.

Brady Snow: Again, it’s like the other ad that we saw for the summer board, product in action, pump-up music, showing someone doing cool stuff with this product. That’s something that’s going to relate to the customer really well. You know your prospects, if they see something that they’re interested in, say they like snowboarding, they see a product in action of someone using that product doing cool things, it’s going to peak their interest and they’re probably going to want it. Slow-mo and then you got the brand name right there. And then yeah, that was just a quick little ad. So you can see what people are running. And also you can take a look here, the ad link, where does that ad push to? And here’s their landing page. This is where you can buy the Clew gear and their products.

Design a highly engaging video ad script that speaks to your target audience. Image by Pixabay, license under Pexels
Design a highly engaging video ad script that speaks to your target audience. Image by Pixabay, license under Pexels

Design your script for a winning ad

Brady Snow: So you can also see what messaging they’re using here. But let’s find another ad and see if we can find a different style of ad. So we have a lot of these products, if it’s a sports’ ad, it probably wants to show that product in action. Let’s just see what other kind of ads are running to this audience. I saw one here. Here’s one with 159,000 views. It’s only ran in Canada. Let’s see what ads are there. Watching related to snowboarding in Canada, up North of the border here in America. That’s beautiful. So this isn’t a snowboarding ad per se, but it’s running to that same kind of audience. It’s people that are interested in skiing and snowboarding. So if you’re selling an experience or something that’s related to snowboarding, you can see how this ad is structured and they show accident shots, pump-up music, but then they have a narrator. The other ads didn’t have a narrator. You got that B-roll footage, it’s appealing to someone’s passion for skiing or snowboarding and for adventure.

Brady Snow: Maybe you got some popup text right here, just a quick little phrase that’s going to resonate with the viewer while the narrator continues to talk while the music continues to pump you up. You know, and while the B-roll footage continues to play as well. So they have really motivational speech there that’s appealing to someone’s desire for adventure, freedom maybe. If you go through this and you just browse other ads that are out there, maybe not exactly related to your product, but you can see the way that people structure their ads, how they come up with their hook, how they relate to that customer’s main interests, their passions. How are they going to hook them and get them to be excited about continuing to watch this ad? So you can see how that works. Let’s just do one more here. This one ran in the United States, it has 80,000 views.

Brady Snow: Top five all mountain snowboards. I’m going to click play. We got an ad. It’s a summer board ad I’m getting re targeted. We got two influencers. So you got ads before an ad. Because I’m trying to watch this top five all mountain ads, but we’re getting the summer board ad again. That’s another way you can come up with stuff. So this one pushed to a YouTube video it looks like and we can check that by going back to this and we’re going to click the web. Oh, this is the landing page that it pushes to. They got all these products. Okay. So this is definitely an ad that’s running to a target audience. Yep. There’s the same landing page. Let’s go back and finish watching some of that.

Use a competitive intelligence tool

Brady Snow: All right. So you got a narrator. It’s like an influencer. Someone you trust who clearly does this activity that’s using these products. You got animated text pop up there that describes what some of the features of this board are while the influencer continues to talk about it and describe how it’s used. You can kind of brush through. This is a longer video but if you do this, you can see how other people have structured their ads and their video ads in order to see what’s working and then you can kind of come up with an angle that’s going to work for your product of how do you want to do it. This ad you can also click in the video, you can click this button here and it shows you that views have been increasing over time as they’ve been running this ad for a long time, it’s been published for over a year, 398 days, and average views a day is 722.

Brady Snow: So the view count has been increasing so you can tell that this style of video ad has been working. You can also click find more ads from this channel and then it’s going to search for… Okay. It looks like there’s just two from this channel itself, which is this one, Big SNOW American Dream. You can see how having all of this intel is going to give you competitive intelligence to figure out what ads are running. What style of ads are running, and then what ones are working themselves. So I highly recommend that if you are an advertiser selling anything, it doesn’t have to be snowboards, it could be software. It could be a service-based business that you’re running, whatever it is, you can do some competitive intelligence and see what ads are running because you know that your target audience is going to be seeing those ads as two as well.

Use a competitive intelligence tool to see what is working in your niche. Image by John-Mark Smith, license under Pexels
Use a competitive intelligence tool to see what is working in your niche. Image by John-Mark Smith, license under Pexels

What resonates with your audience?

Brady Snow: So if you can get this level of competitive intelligence, take some notes, maybe save these links. You can add them to a list here. You can also track some of these channels. We got a lot of features. And if you’re interested in checking out everything else Video Ad Vault can do, you can go to We have a link below and there’s a tutorial there. It shows you all the different ways you can use this, but I just wanted to give you this quick hack to show you what you can do to come up with ad ideas instantly. If you’re ever feeling stuck, just take a look at what other ads are running on YouTube and you’re going to come up with ideas more than you can possibly produce in a day. So that’s all I wanted to cover for you today. I hope you have some good luck in coming up with some ideas for your ads.

Brady Snow: Maybe try a few different angles and another thing I want to point out is just test different styles of ads. If you can do that, produce different styles, different openers, different hooks, whatever it is, just try different things and see what resonates with your audience. You might get more leads from one style versus another. You might get more leads from all the styles, you never know. It all depends on your ad creativity. So thank you for tuning into this. If you did want to try Video Ad Vault, we do have free trials. You can try it for a week, completely free. The link is below in the description.

Brady Snow: If you’re watching this on YouTube, if you’re watching this on the blog, you can also find a link to the trial there as well. If you feel like you’re going to use this tool more often, we have monthly and annual plans that you can sign up for today. So yeah, competitive intelligence, the greatest way to always have new ad ideas and come up with ads that are always going to be successful to your audience. So go ahead and check that out. If you like this video, please like and subscribe, post some comments of what you thought of it, we’d love to hear it. So thanks for tuning in and we’ll see you next time on the TubeSift blog.

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