Justin Sardi shares his insight on the new opportunity with YouTube Shorts ads.
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Video Transcription

YouTube videos in vertical format

Justin Sardi: Today we have a really exciting update all about YouTube shorts ads. Now, if you’re not familiar with shorts, they’re essentially 60 second or less videos on YouTube in a vertical format. They are designed to compete with Instagram reels and stories, and TikTok and all that kind of stuff. They’re basically making a push to get short form content on there, whereas normally YouTube has traditionally been longer form content, and they want to bring that short form content over to YouTube. They’re currently rolling out a brand new program to reward creators, and that’s what I’m going to be talking about today. We’re also going to talk about some of the opportunities that this might open up for YouTube advertisers, and what you can currently do versus what I hope might happen. Let’s go ahead and dive right in.

Starting mid-January 2023, which is a month from me shooting this video right now, YouTube is going to be rolling out the partner program for shorts. Now, just recently they had a YouTube shorts fund and essentially that was, they just put some money in and they were kind of paying out select creators, like thousands of creators, limited number of creators. Now they are moving this over to the partner program, which essentially they’re always changing the way you qualify, but to be eligible, you have to have 1000 subscribers, 4000 public watch hours in the last 12 months, or 10 million valid shorts views in the last 90 days. That’s kind of what they’re changing that to. They’re adding those shorts in there.

The partner program essentially means you can turn monetization onto your videos and get revenue share. Google is saying they’re going to give you what, like 45% I believe, of the Shorts revenue. They kind of talk about that in this article here. They’re replacing that shorts fund and basically moving it over to the partner program, which is where they have been traditionally paying content creators, some of the ad revenue they’re getting. Cool idea. I’m glad they’re doing that.

Now you can run Youtube Shorts ads and include mobile-specific targeting to your campaigns. Image by Szabó Viktor, license under Pexels.
Now you can run Youtube Shorts ads and include mobile-specific targeting to your campaigns. Image by Szabó Viktor, license under Pexels.

YouTube Shorts Ads

Now, what I’m really hoping for is when they roll this out, that they are also going to make some changes in Google ads where you can specifically set up YouTube shorts ads. Currently you can kind of do this, you can essentially take one of your YouTube shorts, set it up as an ad, and run it as a mobile specific campaign. You have a high chance of your ad being ran on shorts. Currently you can’t just say, “Hey, I want this only to run to YouTube shorts.” I’m hoping that by them rolling this out and adding it to the partner program, we’re going to see some new changes in Google ads where we’re able to target YouTube shorts specifically.

Now, I definitely think they’re going to be doing that. I don’t know why they would be combining this and not doing that. Usually the ad platform follows right after they do things like this. I do think we’ll be seeing that. Currently, like I said, you can create shorts, you can upload them to your YouTube channel, and if you select that short URL and run that as an ad, as a mobile specific ad, you can actually get some of the ads on shorts, which are cool. Definitely check those out. I’ll make another video on that, showing you exactly how to set those up. We’ll talk about how to use those going forward. We’ve been doing some testing.

That’s about it for this specific video. I most just wanted to talk about how they’re rolling out that new partner program to include shorts, which is going to be really cool.

Get tons of insight from your competitors on YouTube Ads with Video Ad Vault. Image by Michael Dziedzic, Unsplash license.
Get tons of insight from your competitors on YouTube Ads with Video Ad Vault. Image by Michael Dziedzic, Unsplash license.

Your crystal ball for YouTube Ads

Hopefully we see some awesome changes in there and we start to be able to target specific shorts or specific creators, whatever that might be. I’m not sure what that would look like exactly, but we’ll just have to wait and see. It’s actually coming pretty quickly. I think we’ll be in for some cool new exciting YouTube ad stuff coming up. That’s it for me on this one.

As always, if you’re looking for what exactly is going to convert in your ads, if you want to know what, you want a crystal ball that’s going to show you exactly what’s working on YouTube right now, check out Video Ad Vault. VideoAdVault.com. It is our ad library of almost a million unique YouTube ads and landing pages. You can see exactly what’s working, exactly what’s not. Obviously there’s no model if it’s not, but you can see what’s working as far as ad creatives, hooks, calls to action, specific offers, landing pages, all that stuff. That’s going to be more important than ever with YouTube making all of these changes and kind of pulling some of the targeting options that used to be available. Definitely check out Video Ad Vault. I will see you on the next video. Bye for now.

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