4 Tips to Improve Your YouTube Ads
Justin Sardi shares 4 tips to improve the performance of your YouTube ads campaigns.

Video Transcript

Apply these tips to get a higher ROI

Justin Sardi: There are four specific things you can do to get higher ROI out of your YouTube ad campaigns, and I’m going to break them down today. Now, there are four components that I want to look at. I’m going to look at the ad, the audience, the landing page, and the average order value. If you can increase any of those things or improve on any of those things, your performance is going to go up.

So let’s start with the ad. If your click-through rate on your YouTube ad is below 1.5%, you should probably rework your ad. And if you can do that, you’re going to get more clicks with the same amount of ad spend.

Then comes your audience. Is that being put in front of the right people? I like to look at my view rate there, and if my view rate’s below 25 or so percent, I think that I need to either make my ad fit my audience better or make my audience fit my ad a little bit better. That’s a great place to improve.

The next thing I like to look at is my landing page conversion or my sales page conversion. If my opt-in page is not converting where I want it to be, I can rework the copy and even small percentages of increase there makes a huge difference. Same thing with your sales pages.

Then the last thing I like to look at is the average order value or my entire funnel. Now the money is obviously made in the backend, so the more things you can add into your sales process to increase your average order value, the better off your ad performance is going to be.

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