Justin Sardi explains how to grow a YouTube channel with YouTube ads.

Video Transcript

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Use YouTube Ads for your channel

Justin Sardi: One of the number one questions I always get asked is, how can I use YouTube ads to grow a YouTube channel and get more subscribers? And it’s not what you think. So today I’m going to break down exactly what you need to be doing. Now there’s two different types of ads that go on YouTube. There are in-feed ads and there’s in-stream ads. In-stream ads are those pre-roll ads that everybody thinks of. Those do not work very well for growing YouTube subscribers, right? What does work is in-feed ads targeted using keywords. So essentially you set up a campaign without a goal, you can target keywords again, and you create pieces of content that you know your audience would be liking to watch. And you have those shown on YouTube anytime searches for a keyword. So essentially it’s like hacking the SEO. Instead of you having to be able to rank your video, somebody can search for a specific keyword like underwater basket weaving, and your ad would show up at the very top of the search engine results as an in-feed ad.

Your audience or somebody searching for that piece of content would then click on that video, watch it, and then if they like your content, they will subscribe and check more videos out. Now you can also take that one step further and you can create retargeting lists of people that watch those videos, and then you can hit them with an in-stream ad pushing them to any of your offers now that you’ve already proven that you know what you’re talking about through an amazing piece of content.

So like I said, in-feed videos work extremely well for growing YouTube subscribers. In-stream ads not so much they do work, but I would recommend doing an in-feed ad, targeting the specific keywords you want to rank for, and your video will then show up at the top of the search engine results. People will get fed that video, they will watch that video, and if you are a good content creator, they will enjoy your content and continue to watch more.

That’s it for me. Bye for now.

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