Justin Sardi shares the best method to create multiple YouTube ads from one script.

Video Transcript

Use different hooks with the same ad body

Justin Sardi: Coming up with a winning ad creative requires testing, but writing five or six different video ad scripts for a YouTube ad can be a huge pain in the ass, so today I want to break down our process for coming up with five to six videos using one simple YouTube script. Now the process is pretty simple, there are a couple components to your YouTube ad. There’s going to be the hook, the body, and the call to action. I like to leave the body and the call to action the same, and then sit down and come up with five or six different YouTube ad hooks. I shoot one ad all the way through with my first hook, and then I sit down and I record the other five hooks, and then we literally cut that first 10 to 15 seconds off, which is the hook, and bolt it on multiple times. And then you have one ad script, five different hooks, six different hooks, and you’re coming up with five or six unique YouTube ads, and usually the hook is what’s going to determine if your ad is a winner or a loser.

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