Justin Sardi explains why your Facebook Ads won’t work on YouTube.
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Video Transcript

Your Facebook ads won’t work on YouTube

Justin Sardi: So you have a winning Facebook ad, maybe a Facebook video ad, and you want to get it up on YouTube. Can you just take that same ad and put it on YouTube? Well, the answer is no. Facebook and YouTube are two totally different platforms, and the number one mistake that I see Facebook advertisers make when they come over to YouTube is thinking that the exact same video ad, you know, “Hey, it’s a video. Why wouldn’t it work on YouTube?” is going to work on YouTube. And to understand why they don’t work on YouTube, you need to think about the differences in the two platforms. Facebook, people are scrolling, you have to do something to catch their attention. Most of the time the audio is off, things like that. Well, people on YouTube are consuming video content. The audio is on, maybe they have their headphones on, but they’re still, the audio is on.

Nobody watches YouTube on mute unless they’re maybe trying to go to bed or something. Maybe a cat video. I don’t know. Most people don’t watch YouTube on mute. So they’re two different platforms. People go to YouTube to learn skills. They go to YouTube to figure out solutions to a problem, whereas they go to Facebook to kind of endlessly scroll forever, right? YouTube people are actively consuming content they want to consume, whereas on Facebook, they are consuming content they want to consume, but it’s not intentional content, right? It’s kind of fed to them by the algorithm, whereas YouTube is more search-driven. So that being said, you need to take that into account when you’re running your YouTube ads or setting up your YouTube ads, and I actually have a full-on scripting guide that I’m willing to toss out. Let me know in the comments if you’re watching on Instagram or TikTok or whatever, or I’ll have a link in the description and I will give you my free YouTube ad scripting guide.

Using these three components for your video ad scripting will give you a highly effective YouTube ad. Image by Thirdman, license under Pexels.
Using these three components for your video ad scripting will give you a highly effective YouTube ad. Image by Thirdman, license under Pexels.

The top three parts of your ads

So you can definitely get that, check that out. But there is a very specific way that you want to craft your YouTube ads, and it comes down to three key components, which is going to be the hook, the body, and the call to action. Now, break each and every one of those down in my free scripting guide. You can check that out, no problem. It’ll be a link in the bio, the link below this video, something along those lines. Or just leave me a comment if you can’t find it and say, “Hey, I want it.” And we’ll reach out and we’ll get it to you.

But like I said, you can’t just take a Facebook ad that works on Facebook, put it up on YouTube, and expect to see great results, because they’re different platforms and YouTube has to have a script, from what we’ve seen. You need to script your ads in a specific way that works for that platform. Not to mention, the formats are completely different on both of those things. Just wide screen versus narrow, all that good stuff. So definitely keep that in mind when you are thinking about moving over to YouTube.

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