Justin Sardi talks about the most important component of a Youtube Ad.
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Video Transcript

The Most Important Part of a YouTube Ad is The Hook

Justin Sardi: When it comes to creating high-converting YouTube ads, there is one specific thing that you absolutely have to pay attention to, and it’s probably the most important component of any YouTube ad, and that is the hook. The hook is going to be the most important component of any YouTube ad. And that is because if somebody skips your ad, you don’t actually pay. So what we like to do with the hook is both pre-qualify our viewers as well as hook them and make sure that we’ve got their attention and that they want to keep watching our ad.

Now we’ve analyzed a ton of different YouTube ads, and we’ve found that the difference between winners that get millions of views and testers, if you want to call them that, that get a couple hundred or maybe 1,000 views, can be boiled down to the hook. So spend a lot of time sitting down and coming up with five or six different hooks for your YouTube ads, and I guarantee that you’ll find a winner.


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