Justin Sardi shares the new Google Ads feature for mobile.

Video Transcript

Custom landing page

Justin Sardi: What’s up everybody? Justin Sardi here and I want to show you a newer feature that they have added to Google Ads. Now, this is a pretty cool one. I’m just going to skip all of this and get right to it.

So right over here, when you go to create your video ad and you just paste your video and right there is a URL options thing here. Now, this used to just be tracking links and everything, but Google has added something really, really cool, and that is custom URL landing pages for mobile.

Now, you can put a different URL in for your mobile landing page, which I thought was awesome because previously you were just pushing traffic to one landing page and maybe we’re going to TubeSift.com, right? Oops. Something like that, TubeSift.com. That’s where we would send our traffic to. That’s great. And if you have a mobile responsive page, cool. But we all know that it’s better to just have a specific landing page for mobile.

Now, this is going to make huge differences for a number of things like automated webinars, for example, if you’re running automated webinars. I used to send traffic, all my mobile traffic would go to one page, because most of the time I don’t want people watching an on-demand webinar on a mobile device. I want them watching an on-demand webinar on a desktop or a laptop. Now this allows me to maybe go TubeSift.com/mobile or whatever a mobile landing page would be. So I can have two different webinars, but I can have one campaign running to both of those. So that’s just one use case. And obviously some of your landing pages, if you have mobile specific ones, that’d be another use case there. They display better with a mobile specific website.

So that being said, I thought that was a cool new feature and I just wanted to share that with you. And yeah, that’s it for this one. Bye for now.

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