Justin Sardi shares his #1 email marketing hack to get more engagement with your email list. 
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Video Transcript

Improve your email deliverability for more sales

Justin Sardi: I’m sure you know the importance of emailing your prospects or emailing your email list, right? Well, I’ve got a real quick deliverability hack that actually helped me increase deliverability when I was first getting started. And I forget exactly who I learned this from. But long story short, if you send out a lead magnet, it actually might’ve been DigitalMarketer Ryan Deiss, right? I think that’s where I got this one from. But essentially what we were doing is we would just say, “Hey, sometimes technology can get a little bit glitchy, so if you wouldn’t mind hitting reply on this email and telling me that you got whatever this lead magnet that I’m giving you is.” That helps tremendously because what’s going to happen is Google or Gmail or whoever you are, your inbox provider is is going to start to see that as a two-way conversation, not a one-way marketing conversation.

So if you can get somebody to reply, that is going to basically give you preference in their email box. And there’s a lot of cool ways you can do that. I’ve seen saying anything from, “Hey, if you wouldn’t mind just hitting reply and letting me know you got this,” or say, “Hey, by the way, if you just hit reply with,” whatever the words, I don’t know, “inbox, I’ll send you a free bonus,” or something along those lines. Just trying to get that response and making it look a little bit more like a two-way conversation.

And another cool thing I’ve seen is the five word email. It’s like, “Are you still interested in blank?” YouTube ads, for example. Something along those lines. “And if so, hit reply and let me know,” and that’s a great way to get some responses as well. It’s super simple, straightforward, to the point, but the bottom line is that if you can make your conversation via email more of a two-way thing, you’re going to get preference in the deliverability and you’re going to show up as more important emails and you’re going to inbox more often and ultimately make more money.

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