Content creation is now a job that most people engaged in social media love doing as it showcases their talents and pays them well. (Credits: Artem Podrez, license under Pexels)
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Youtube Investment in Youtube Shorts

Youtube is now multiplying its effort to bring Youtube Shorts to the spotlight to become another revenue avenue for everyone.

From the get-go in August of 2021, Youtube has launched a $100 million fund for Youtube Shorts to pay its content creators, despite being in the beta stage. This is unique about the standard course that relies on membership or brand deals.

Youtube Director views on Youtube Shorts

According to the director of YouTube Content Partnerships in India, Satya Raghavan, “Youtube is continuously developing and improving its product features to adapt to the demand of its users and how they react to the existing ones so that the product will be more powerful.”

He also added that “Shorts has democratized the ability to create content on YouTube even more.  If you were to create a normal video you would perhaps worry about having a good phone to shoot. You might even think about taking a microphone, light… In terms of video for Shorts, it’s a lot easier. You just take the phone, open the app, switch on the camera, add some music. In fact, you can even add from soundtracks… (and) the sound of all the videos that are there on YouTube, and you can create amazing mash-ups”.

The Future of Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts was first launched in India last year, and its performance is overwhelming. Just like its mother platform Youtube, it receives billions of views every day, which is considered above the average. 
Even though the launch of Youtube Shorts is quite behind other short clip video social media sites, its popularity is rising, and the response has been encouraging.

Short-form video content has been all over the place this year. According to the data collected by a consulting firm, RedSeer, by 2025, about 65 million people will be active users of the available platforms, including Youtube Shorts.

Youtube caters to the demand of its users and continues to create more entertainment and opportunities for everyone. (Credits: Hello I'm Nik, license under Unsplash
Youtube caters to the demand of its users and continues to create more entertainment and opportunities for everyone. (Credits: Hello I’m Nik, license under Unsplash)

Additional Video Platform by Youtube

Simsim is India’s number one short video and shopping ad. And in July of this year, Youtube announced that they could reach the platform.
Simsim helps India’s small business owners transition to an e-commerce business model using video and content creation. The platform aims to connect business owners, influencers, and customers.

Gautam Anand, VP of YouTube APAC, said that Youtube doesn’t plan to make any immediate changes to Simsim, as it will continue to operate independently “while we work on ways to showcase Simsim offers to YouTube viewers,”

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